Front inter-row

Designed to work only the sub-line between one plant and another. Ideal choice for companies that do not intend to work the soil in the central part of the row.

The SINGLE configuration is the most widespread among those who work lands in counter-slope or in particularly wide plants such as orchards

It is also ideal for small power tractors

How it is made?

  • Variable width frame, sturdy structure also suitable for high power tractors
  • Castelletto to be carried in front of the tractor (are you looking for the rear model? Click here)
  • Inter row plant lifters positioned on the right and left (also available in the SINGLE version)
  • Anti-heeling steel wheels adjustable in height
  • Hydraulic oil system directly housed on the machine
  • Emergency control to manually close the blades where necessary
  • Adjusting the working depth of the rows

Strength points


With this machine it is possible to perform different types of work on the subframe, based on specific accessories. Motorized power harrows, discs, tidying machines…

Multiple processing in a single pass

Taking advantage of the front lift there is the possibility of being able to attach a different tool to the rear lift (eg tiller, cutter, shredder, lawn mower, ..,). Increasing the productivity of the single pass.

Scarico maggiorato

Scarico maggiorato tra le ancore.


Colonnina idraulica per abbassata/alzata testata interfilare

Bandelle di contenimento

Sollevatore anteriore a parallelogramma + piastra di collegamento al trattore

Erpice interfilare rotante

Kit di inclinazione

Aratrino scolmatore

Disco apripista

Regolazione idraulica delle ruote stabilizzatrici

Joystick di comando delle regolazioni

Work data

Model Hp required
EAGLE 100 to 40
EAGLE 150 to 40
EAGLE 200 to 60
EAGLE 300 to 70
Model Weight [Kg]
EAGLE 100 400
EAGLE 150 430
EAGLE 200 470
EAGLE 300 560
Model Width [cm]
EAGLE 100 from 100 to 140
EAGLE 150 from 150 to 200
EAGLE 200 from 200 to 280
EAGLE 300 from 300 to 400
Model Width of the plant [cm]
minimum max
EAGLE 100 140 200
EAGLE 150 200 240
EAGLE 200 240 350
EAGLE 300 350 500