Disk Cult

Disc cultivator

Accelerates soil processing operations in the row.
Reduces time and negative effects of milling. It is a fast machine and does not require a power take-off.

It is essential in the management of green manure because it does not fear damp or heavily grassed land.

– Frame with variable width, robust structure suitable for fast processing;
– It is composed of two rows of independent disks configurable to “X” or in LINE depending on the system and the desired finishing level;
– Independent sprung arms for working on rocky terrain;
– In the vineyard it is configured with lateral and central breaker anchors;
– Rear roller that stabilizes the machine and refines the worked soil;
– Adjusting the working height of the roller;
– Vertical reducibility useful for maneuvers and for road transport.

Strength points

Indispensable for green manure

The independent disks make this machine able to work wet soils or with a high presence of vegetable substance. This feature is essential to be able to work even in emergency conditions.


The speed and simplicity of use are the strength of this machine.

Does not require the use of the tractor’s power take-off.


Vertical hydraulic reducibility
Optimize the dimensions of the machine during the maneuver

Still breakthrough

In the vineyard the track breakers anchors (one central and two lateral ones) break up the ground along the trampling line of the harvester and the tractor.

Bandelle di contenimento laterale del terreno lavorato

Regolazione idraulica rullo frangizolle

Coppia di ruotine di profondità in acciaio

Coppia di ruotine di profondità in acciaio

Work data

Model Hp required
DISK CULT 160 from 70
DISK CULT 180 from 70
DISK CULT 200 from 80
DISK CULT 220 from 80
Model Weight [Kg]
DISK CULT 160 720
DISK CULT 180 760
DISK CULT 200 800
DISK CULT 220 830
Model Data [cm]
Deep Width
DISK CULT 160 10/20 from 160 to 190
DISK CULT 180 10/20 from 180 to 210
DISK CULT 200 10/20 from 200 to 230
DISK CULT 220 10/20 from 220 to 250
Model Disc number Minimum width of plants [cm]
DISK CULT 160 8 200
DISK CULT 180 8 220
DISK CULT 200 10 240
DISK CULT 220 12 260