Inter-row with central anchors

Solves the problem of grass under the vineyards, orchards and super intensive olive.

DAVID FULL eliminates the grass and dissodes the soil under the logs and in the center of the row, along the direction of the tractor.

With 2 simple recordings that can be performed in the field, it eliminates the grass under the logs even on very young plants.

In the inter-row you can perform different work: weed, mill, cut up or uncover the stem.

For each type of work, the machine has specific tools.


How is it composed?

  • Telescopic chassis with variable width that adapts to the different widths of the rows;
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the working width;
  • Central anchors available in different solutions depending on the nature of the terrain;
  • Inter-row tool positioned on the right and left (also available in the SINGLE version);
  • Rear cage roller that refines the worked soil and facilitates the subsequent tractor steps;
  • Emergency controls to manually close the rows;
  • Adjusting the working depth of the rows.

Strength points

Minimum distance

You can work the soil between the plants with a minimum distance from 30 cm


During the tests, we reached a working speed of 15 km/h


Inter-row soil mill

Motorized disk

Comandi elettroidraulici con Joystick

Regolazione idraulica rullo frangizolle

Coppia di ruotine di profondità in acciaio

Vomerino scalzante / scolmatore interfilare


Model Hp required
DAVID FULL 140 from 50 to 70
DAVID FULL 160 from 60 to 110
DAVID FULL 180 from 60 to 110
DAVID FULL 200 from 60 to 110
Model Weight [Kg]
DAVID FULL 140 660
DAVID FULL 160 680
DAVID FULL 180 710
DAVID FULL 200 740
Model Work data [cm]
Deep Width
DAVID FULL 140 10/25 from 140 to 220
DAVID FULL 160 10/25 from 160 to 240
DAVID FULL 180 10/25 from 180 to 260
DAVID FULL 200 10/25 from 200 to 280
Model N° anchors Minimum size of plants [cm]
DAVID FULL 140 7 190
DAVID FULL 160 7 200
DAVID FULL 180 7 220
DAVID FULL 200 9 240