Universal inter-row kit

It is the solution that transforms a traditional grubber into a more functional tool capable of processing the subfile. It is mainly composed of the “RAPTOR” inter-row module, which can be applied laterally to a grubber or a support of any kind using a bolted flange.

How it’s done?

– Sturdy supporting frame prepared with flanged side;
– Adjusting the working depth of the tool;
– Still front mark eradicator;
– Adjustable probe for workings always in safety;
– Probe sensitivity adjustment;
– Requires the tractor’s hydraulic oil system;
– Emergency command to manually stop the work when necessary.

Strength points

Workings on Bamboo braces

He is able to work on very young rows, just planted (also rooted) provided there is at least one Bamboo brace


During the tests, we reached a working speed of 15 km / h in awning systems.

Don't stress the tractor

Patented hydraulic system that does not overload the tractor pumps


Erpice interfilare rotante

Vomerino scalzante / scolmatore interfilare

Comandi elettroidraulici con Joystick

Regolazione idraulica rullo frangizolle

Coppia di ruotine di profondità in acciaio

Coppia di ruotine di profondità in acciaio

Work data

Required oil flow rate 15 lt/min
Weight 60 kg
Minimum distance between the logs 40 cm