Ventral inter-row kit

With this solution it is possible to carry out inter-grab machining without occupying the tractor’s hydraulic lift. In fact the application of this model takes place on the side of the tractor, leaving the rear or front arms of the tractor free with which it is possible to carry a harrow, shredder or other machine.

How it is made?

  • Horizontal beam for coupling to the tractor underbody
  • Hydraulic vertical support column that adjusts the working height of the inter-row head
  • Hydraulic inclination kit of the inter-row head
  • Interceppi head mod. RAPTOR
  • Commands for managing the available adjustments
  • Containment band for worked soil

Strength points


RAPTOR-V offers greater visibility than machines brought back to the tractor. This is a very useful feature especially for companies that present many obstacles along the row (irregular blocks, obstacles of any kind), having direct control of the machine it is immediately possible to intervene.


Visibility is a feature that combines speed of work. A faster processing is certainly a process that gives the operator the ability to have higher working speeds. In fact, the RAPTOR inter-grapevine head is born with this purpose.

Scarico maggiorato

Scarico maggiorato tra le ancore.


Erpice interfilare rotante

Joystick elettroidraulico di comando

Vomerino scolmatore interfilare

Vomerino con funzione scalzante

Bandella di contenimento del terreno lavorato

Work data

Model Hp required
RAPTOR V dx-sx from 70
Model Weight [Kg]
RAPTOR V dx-sx 240
Model Size [cm]
 height width
RAPTOR V dx-sx  60 120
Model Width of plant [cm]
 minimum max
RAPTOR V dx-sx  140 200